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What’s The Best Premature Ejaculation Book In 2022?

My readers often ask me what are the best premature ejaculation books or downloadable ebooks for them to buy. I’ve read just about all of the books written about premature ejaculation and most were disappointing. They mostly fell into two categories. They were written by non-experts (the one man’s story type of book) or they were overly spiritual.

Note: Our pick for the best premature ejaculation book is Ejaculation Freedom By Dan Becket and you can skip to my review of it here.

The Marketer’s Premature Ejaculation ebook

If you see a premature ejaculation book and it’s sold through the Click Bank affiliate marketing network you should run a mile.

Many of these books are actually “penis enlargement” books rehashed as premature ejaculation guides.

It’s a shame because, unlike increasing the size of your penis, premature ejaculation can be effectively prevented through behavioral and targeted training methods.

Yet many of these types of books totally miss the mark and will have you doing Bazar training exercises that will do nothing to help you last longer in bed or prevent premature ejaculation.

The Overly Spiritual Book Book On Lasting longer In Bed

Learning more about and discovering your own sexual spirituality is a great thing to do and definitely not something I look down on. The problem occurs when it is suggested as a single cure for men with premature ejaculation.

While no doubt some of the content of these books will help men last longer to a degree the problem is that they do not cover and physical training methods to last longer in bed which has been proven to be a key component of developing ejaculation control for men.

The books I have read also tend to be rather disorganized, focusing on generalization and talk of sexual energy flows which most guys are going to find difficult to follow.

I’d recommend looking into these types of books once you have worked on a solid foundation and completed a solid evidence-based premature ejaculation book, ebook, or training program.

The Best Premature Ejaculation Book In 2020

If you’re a guy living in 2019 you are a lot better off than a guy living 40 years ago when it comes to getting access to a training program to treat your early ejaculation. That said, there are also a lot more tall tales, marketing hype, and rubbish that you have to sift through before you get to the good stuff.

I reviewed Dan Becket’s Ejaculation Freedom training guide last year, and since then it has been getting more and more popular. There are now 3 additional chapters along with extra instant-cool down methods which ensures that this is still the best book on how to last longer in bed in 2019.

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