Premature Ejaculation Resources

Here is a list of sites and resources regarding premature ejaculation, how to last longer in bed and related issues. If you know of any other premature ejaculation sites that you think our readers would benefit from please let us know so we can review them and ad them to the list.

A study on social phobia and premature ejaculation

Beating premature ejaculation
A site with information about mens health author James Robinson’s popular book on treating premature ejaculation through exercises and training.

Clinical trials for premature ejaculation treatments

Lasting Power
James Cartwright’s website on methods on how to last longer in bed for men

Medical Journal of Australia
An in depth study appearing in the medical journal of Australia on the formal treatment

Beyond Delay
Great program to help men treat premature ejaculation naturally through exercises.

Lasting Longer on WordPress
A great WordPress blog on how to last longer in bed naturally

Yahoo Directory
Yahoo’s directory for premature ejaculation resources, treatment and products.

Last Longer in Bed For Men
A blog discussing all issues to do with how to last longer in bed with some good information on natural methods of treating PE.

Premature Ejaculation Blog
A site looking all things concerning premature ejaculation and how to avoid it.

Lasting Longer
A great source of information and pe causues and methods to last longer in bed


If you know of any other useful sites regarding premature ejaculation please let us know.